Rexanna’s gentle demeanor, positive viewpoint, security in her psychic gifts and unique ability to interpret the subtleties of life instill confidence as she guides, rather than leads, one from their past through their present and into a knowledge of the various paths open to a more rewarding future for her clients. I have relied on Rexanna’s insight and friendship for over thirty years.

Jerry D.

I have known Rexanna for many years. She has read the tarot for me on numerous occasions, each time with grace and accuracy, while often times guiding me through change and growth.

She also read the tarot at the bookstore where I work. I found her energy to be grounded and focused while her mannerism was always very professional. The privacy of her clients was foremost, many of whom continue seeking advice and guidance from her readings this day.

I respect her journey and value her friendship.

Blessed Be,

Sandra N.

I will admit that when I first had a reading with Rexanna that I was skeptical, in fact that is my nature.  My reading was so accurate, but I thought maybe this was just a fluke.  However, I went back many times with the results being so right that she really helped guide my life in a positive manner.  Rexanna is supportive, encouraging, and objective, and she has been a positive influence on my life. 

Myrna B.

I have known Rexanna for over 15 years and have come to rely on her insight and guidance whenever I have been at a crossroad.  Her readings are accurate, to the point and extremely helpful and have always helped me to see a difficult situation in a new light, sort out my own feelings and hesitations in order to make the correct choice for me.  She is a guide without equals!

Sonja L.

I have known and relied upon Rexanna for many years!  I find her positive outlook and unquestionable psychic abilities have inspired my confidence both in her and (somewhat surprisingly) in me. She is particularly talented in guiding individuals to their own understanding, as she shares her unique insights with clients.  Her exceptional perceptiveness into the past and present supports her remarkable ability to see into a future of multiple possibilities.  Rexanna is the Real Deal!
Shay T.


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