Pixie or Scientist?

The soft shuffling of cards breaks the silence as my client imbues her energy into

the deck. When she stops, I have her spread out the cards on my cloth in a chaotic

fashion. Then the magic begins. One by one she picks up the cards from a face-

down position without looking at them. I pick up the twenty cards and we get the

first look at what she has chosen as I lay them out in a pattern of my own creation.

One-by- one I tell her the past, present, and the future with descriptions of people,

places and events that are not only helpful, but are amazing when I stop and think

Tarot readings work. I don’t know how they work, but for the last forty four years

I have seen and experienced the magic of Tarot, mostly, by own hand, but

sometimes by others. The ideas behind the success of Tarot readings are varied

ranging from Quantum Physics to Pixies. Some part of me wants to subscribe to

the Quantum Physics while being afraid it’s really the Pixies. I suspect the truth of

the matter lies somewhere in between. Yesterday there was a report from the

research team from the lab of Professor Nicolas Gisin in the physics department at

the University of Geneva. In March of this year, the team achieved teleportation of

the quantum state of a photon — in this case, it’s known as the photon’s polarization

— to a crystal-encased photon more than 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) away. They are

not quite at a point where they can say, “Beam me up, Scotty,” but they are on the

right track.

Of course, Quantum Physics can’t explain the strange happenings I have lived with

most of my life. Like this last weekend when the thermostat was turned up to 85

degrees and put on hold. My husband swears he didn’t do it, the dog is too short,

and I know I didn’t do it. So, maybe the Pixies are a constant presence in my World.


Whether Tarot works by science or magic, it stills works. Maybe someday science

will catch up with magic and we will understand exactly how. Look at how we

now understand electricity, when there was a time it too, was magic.

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