What kind of questions can I ask?

Sample questions

  • What do I need to know about my life?
  • What do I need to know about my relationship with (husband, wife, brother, sister, Mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss, coworker, best friend, spouse, partner, etc)?
  • When can I expect to find a new job?
  • Where should I look for a new job?
  • What can I do to attract love into my life?
  • Is there a ghost in my basement?
  • Is Aunt Alice visiting me in my dreams?
  • What does my financial future hold?
  • Do I have a spirit guide or guardian angel?
  • Is there a message from a deceased relative or friend?*

You can get answers to these questions and such subjects as:

  • Career path guidance
  • Finding a special person for a meaningful relationship
  • Financial concerns
  • Health concerns and issues
  • Direction for your life
  • Help in making critical decisions
  • Your life’s purpose
  • Concerns about family members and friends**
  • Past lives or future lives
  • Your own psychic abilities
  • Messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels***

*If you wish to contact deceased loved ones, you need to concentrate your thoughts on them before the reading and invite them to come through Rexanna; this really helps with the readings. Hold an object of theirs or look at a photo of them. I can never guarantee who will come through all I can do is open the door and invite them to come through. It takes a great deal of spirit energy to communicate with the living and not all spirits have that kind of energy all the time. No medium in the world can guarantee a specific person will come through. They will have a mind of their own. If they were stubborn in life, they could be stubborn on the other side. So, come prepared to communicate with who shows up even if you were not expecting them.

**You can ask about others as long as it is in connection to you and your relationship with that person. Realize the answer may be influenced by your feelings.

***You can ask about the allies you might have guiding you. I believe we all have at least one guide that watches out for us.

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