“What a treasure to have someone like Rexanna in my life!  Truly a woman who lives her life with an emphasis on her spiritual path. I respect Rexanna’s dedication to the metaphysical arts. Her years of study, combined with her natural psychic abilities and empathy for people make Rexanna’s work a very powerful tool!”

Marcia R.

Using Tarot, hypnosis, and direct contact from my ascended guides. I have worked professionally as a psychic and trance medium for most of my life, including:

  • Featured on the national television program 48-Hours.
  • Guided call-in guests as the resident psychic for multiple radio
  • Successfully assisted police departments in solving missing person’s cold cases.
  • Have successfully used  my gifts for over fifty years to help people understand and resolve those previously-unanswerable questions that everyone has in their lives.

As a child I knew what all my presents were long before my birthday. My “invisible friend” Sally would tell me where they were hidden. It never occurred to me that not everyone could see the people on the other side. I have several allies now that guide me.

As a University guest lecturer and educator, I have helped others understand and use their own personal power and abilities. Being a worrier myself, I use the quote, “Worry is a misuse of imagination!” to inspire people to turn their lives around and attract what they need and want.

My passion is to help people discover right answers for themselves and thereby create a better life. With advances in technology, it is even easier for me to reach out to those people who are seeking guidance so together we can look at your past, connect it to the present and create a bright future.

Bright Blessings!


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