Get the most from a reading

How to prepare to get the most from a reading

    1. The more focused you are the more focused your reading will be. Meditate on the issues at hand and prepare your questions in advance. Prioritize your questions and have them firmly in mind or better yet, written down prior to the session.
    2. Make sure you are comfortable when you get a reading. If you can, take 15 minutes to relax and meditate before the reading. Even a couple of minutes of deep breathing and quiet can make the reading go smoother. The higher your vibrations, the easier it is to communicate with your guides. The best way to get a reading is to find a quiet, private space and make sure interruptions are kept to a minimum.
    3. Realize you can ask many different things during a psychic reading. Asking about the future is always helpful, however sometimes asking about the past; even a past life can give you some insights to help guide you. Contacting deceased loved ones and guides are also possible. See: What Kind of Questions Can I Ask?
    4. Be open to the information given. When dealing with future events, the information coming through may not seem to fit the present. Many times I will have a client tell me that information that did not make sense to them at the time of the reading was right on as the future unfolded. Try to stay in the present during the reading. Afterward, you can analyze the results.

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